When the richness of culture is combined with the youthfulness of the spirit and maturity of know-how; When openness to the world is combined with deep-rooted origins; When all of this comes together in a single person, we can only speak of a phenomenon.

A phenomenon in her profession, a phenomenon in her spirit, a phenomenon in her art. Fatma Ayadi Ben Mahmoud: this ball of fire which, with its exceptional dynamism, invades us from the first glance, has become over the years one of the first names of haute-couture in Tunisia and has known by its radiance how to fly beyond our borders and rub shoulders with the great names of the world of elegance. A computer Engineer and a Fashion Designer, representing Tunisia abroad, vibrating in contact with the noblest materials, Fatma Ayadi Ben Mahmoud succeeds each time in the synthesis of blends with a rare refinement.

Her inspiration is manifold and it is thanks to her infallible eye and her sensitivity on the skin that the creative idea emerges that will make one go from a dress to a real masterpiece. From Lebanese style to French haute-couture, Fatma Ayadi Ben Mahmoud revisits all the classics of our time with her own sensitivity. 

Fatma Ayadi Ben Mahmoud is not only the assurance of a great creator, it is the affirmation of an identity. Every woman, elegantly dressed in one of her dresses has the intimate conviction that she will not go unnoticed and that she will be able to mark any public appearance with her beauty, her charm: in a word, her femininity.

A woman wearing the art of Fatma Ayadi Ben Mahmoud will never look like any other woman.

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